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25 Green Ideas For Your Home: Inspired by Nature

Posted by: on July 22nd, 2014  

We live in cities and we love it. But we do long for the greenery and outdoors. Here are 25 go green ideas inspired by nature by creative designers to get you a ..

D.I.Y. Ideas

27 Awesomely Clever Craft Ideas….DIY

Posted by: on July 14th, 2014  

Here are 27 awesome clever ideas which will boggle your mind. Here are these DIY crafts which you can try yourself at home and experiment with the stuff...

June 28th, 2014  

12 Amazing DIY Ideas to Make Lamps!!!

February 4th, 2014  

Make Your Own Tea Bags

December 4th, 2013  

Make Cute and Tasty Reindeer Cupcakes ❤

Creative Ideas

18 Unique Ideas With Fruits, You Really Wanna Try !!

Posted by: on July 21st, 2014  

Fruits form a major part of our diet. So why not quit the boring ideas and lean new creative ideas to use them. They will not only change the way you serve frui ..

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DIY Jeans to Shorts | Cut-offs & Cuffed!

Posted by: on December 6th, 2013  

Learn how to transform a pair of jeans into shorts. Two ways -- cuffed & cut-offs! ..

Home D.I.Y.

Create an Amazing Key Holder Using Old Keys

Posted by: on November 29th, 2013  

Do you often misplace your keys? Get inspired! Create a key holder using your old keys. It is indeed possible to combine style with function. Learn. Create. Sha ..

Kids' Project Ideas

Make Cute Snowmen Out of Bottlecaps

Posted by: on December 6th, 2013  

Have you been trashing all those bottlecaps? Make these cool-looking snowmen with the bottlecaps that have been lying waste. Invest some time. Do it yourself! ..